Retiring Disqus

13 Dec 2017

Turns out Disqus just got bought, and considering I know bothing about Zeta Global (sounds sinister though), and since I was already kind of on edge about Disqus’ privacy stuff, I’m killing the comments on this site.

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Using ES6 to rewrite old code

10 Dec 2017

About 3 years ago I took my first stab at creating this website. It was part of my work in General Assembly’s Front-end development course, which was one of my intros to development (the other being Harvard’s free intro comp-sci course, CS50, which I can’t recommend enough). The thing that I really wanted to have on here was search for posts, without any backend functionality. This meant JavaScipt, and man was it friggin’ ugly.

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Listening to Friends at the Table

30 Nov 2017

I’ve been listening to Friends at the Table a lot recently. It’s an actual play podcast run by a team of amazing people where they play different tabletop games. They have a focus on “critical world-building, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends” (to quote their strapline) and they do all three really, really well. I’ve just finished the first two ‘seasons’ of their show, and I’m super excited to pick up with the rest.

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Hacking Stars Without Number's faction game for the industrial revolution

27 Oct 2017
The cover of the Stars without Number book

This game is really thoughtfully designed, and I’m going to hack the shit out of it.

I’ve been struggling to juggle the many background criminal, political, and other mysterious factions I have in the roleplaying game I’m running, set in a very political industrializing republic. There’s a lot going on–the PCs are very much a small team in the face of everything happening, and I want the world to reflect that very strongly.

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Powered by the Apocalypse games

20 Oct 2017
Monsterhearts 2's teenage monsters staring out at the player

I am so excited to play this game.

I’ve recently discovered the Powered by the Apocalypse family of RPGs and they look great. It’s been a long time since I got this excited about finding new tabletop games.

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Starting the day off right

19 Oct 2017

I was out sick from work a couple of days this week, and I found I was starting to get depressed. Turns out it was because I was sitting on my butt for so long.

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Url Grey v 0.3.1 release notes

23 Sep 2017

This release patches Nokogiri CVE-2017-9050 to protect from Denial of Service attacks.

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Gene Kelly

17 Sep 2017
Gene Kelly posed like a figure in a Lautrec sketch, at the beginning of the dance sequence in American in Paris

I think this sequence is the heart of the entire movie

Just saw American in Paris for the first time, at the Little Theatre cinema in Bath. I really enjoyed it, though not as much as Singin’ in the Rain (because Singin’ is one of the best moves EVARRR). I did have a thought in the middle of the Lautrec dance sequence though–every Gene Kelly movie seems to be built around one piece of more abstract, more beautiful choreography, and it’s almost like the movie was made just so he could film that dance.

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Adding batch actions to a Rails app

30 Aug 2017

I’ve recently been working on an update to Url Grey, my URL shortener. I recently came across a situation where I wanted to create and update a bunch of short URLs at once, and the only options I had were console witchery, and manually doing it one by one (did the latter). It’s the first time the need has come up for me, but it felt like a good combination of thing I’d like to have as an option in the future, and something that would stretch my Rails abilities in the implementation.

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Update to my open letter to Joss Whedon

21 Aug 2017

When I woke up today, one of the first things I saw was Kai Cole (architect, and pertinently in this circumstance Joss Whedon’s ex-wife) had written in The Wrap about her marriage to Joss Whedon, and its end. It’s heart-breaking. I’ve updated my open letter to Joss in response.

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