Gundam F91, Transhumanism, and Monsters

19 Sep 2019

Carozzo Ronah, aka Iron Mask

On Tuesday, 10 September, I went to see Gundam F91 with my best (Freedom Fighter) Gunboy Thom, who is one of the hosts of Mobile Suit Breakdown, and Allie, another regular guest on the pod. After the movie we went back to the studio and recorded our thoughts on the movie. In general, we really liked it (at least, we thought it was a masterpiece in comparison to the clusterf*** that was Gundam NT), but in the course of our conversation we stumbled across the monstrousness of the movie’s main villain, and how his being a ‘cyber newtype’ is used to emphasize that.

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Roleplaying Games and Story Territories

19 Aug 2019

About a month ago I sort of went off on Twitter about how different RPG dice systems lend themselves to different story territories, and then got into a real good conversation about it with Devin Preston. Devin is I think the only other person I know of involved in the TRPG scene with a background in Lecoq theatre (which is where the term ‘territory’ comes from). I’ve been thinking about this since, and I wanted to expand and refine the idea some more. Let’s go!

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The Zaku's Design Origins

25 Apr 2019

An early Okawara concept painting of the Zaku in front of the Gundam’s head

I’m currently rewatching Mobile Suit Gundam, following along with Mobile Suit Breakdown’s ongoing journey through the series providing historical and cultural context and background. At some point in my rewatch, it occurred to me: both MSG and Battlestar Galactica both came out in 1979, and have an incredibly iconic villain robot with a glowing red, single sweeping eye. The mono-eye.

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My tattoos bind myself into my body

17 Apr 2019

I had a thought the other day that I ended up putting onto twitter. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my depression and where it leads me, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that I start thinking about getting tattoos when I’m starting to wonder what things would be like if I weren’t alive anymore. (I’m not thinking about killing myself right now–no one needs to worry about that).

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OS Update Hygiene with Tmuxinator

26 Mar 2019

In the last year-ish since I switched to exclusively using Vim and Tmux for my dev environment instead of GUI apps like Sublime, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a very bad habit of almost never rebooting my machine. The reason is that my usual Tmux/Vim setup involves several Tmux windows with several panes in specific configurations for running Vim, the Rails console, the Rails server, a search engine server, Webpack… a lot. And it’s a pain in the butt to set up manually every time.

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Representing diversity at the table

28 Feb 2019

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to include people who are not ‘like me’ in a tabletop roleplaying game I’m running. It’s a game set in the nearish future in Southern California, during Gundam’s One Year War (just before the events of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime). And in setting something in California, one of the first commitments I made to myself was that it would not efface the presence of Latinx, Native, Black, or Asian people who live there today and make the place their home, and better.

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What I did over vacation

20 Jan 2019

So… because I posted so little here last year, when I was looking at the site again after publishing my last post, and I saw that I had written a “What I did over the holidays” post last year. I didn’t do much this year, but I figure, hey, why not.

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Hacking Blades in the Dark

13 Jan 2019

Wow… it has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything on here. Last one was… *checks notes*, a post about making OSS PRs (which helped me get a new job, so that’s alright I guess).

For the last… I dunno, 10 months, I’ve been working on a couple of hacks of Blades in the Dark. One is about kids doing cool kid stuff, like in Hook or The Goonies and ET. The other… is kind of a game where you make Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. So basically giant robots and political space opera and bad actors all around. (It’s called Against the Titans of War and is on this site)

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Making my first PR to an open source project

16 Feb 2018

I’ve recently made my first big PR to an open source project, Speakerline. The maintainer is aces, and the whole process has been enoyable and instructive. It’s the instructive I’d mostly like to talk about though ;)

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What I got done over the holidays

07 Jan 2018

My larger chunks of time off tend to be the time when I also get a lot of self-admin and personal projects moved forward. This year was no exception.

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