Hacking Blades in the Dark

13 Jan 2019

Wow… it has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything on here. Last one was… *checks notes*, a post about making OSS PRs (which helped me get a new job, so that’s alright I guess).

For the last… I dunno, 10 months, I’ve been working on a couple of hacks of Blades in the Dark. One is about kids doing cool kid stuff, like in Hook or The Goonies and ET. The other… is kind of a game where you make Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. So basically giant robots and political space opera and bad actors all around. (It’s called Against the Titans of War and is on this site)

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Making my first PR to an open source project

16 Feb 2018

I’ve recently made my first big PR to an open source project, Speakerline. The maintainer is aces, and the whole process has been enoyable and instructive. It’s the instructive I’d mostly like to talk about though ;)

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What I got done over the holidays

07 Jan 2018

My larger chunks of time off tend to be the time when I also get a lot of self-admin and personal projects moved forward. This year was no exception.

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Setting up a Staticman server for comments on Jekyll and static sites

31 Dec 2017

I’m running Staticman for comments on this blog. If you’re using the main/public instance of the app, this requires you to add Staticman as a collaborator to your site repo, which I decided I’d rather not do… so I’ve run up my own instance of the application, and this is a quick look at how I did it.

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Setting up Staticman for comments on a Jekyll blog

21 Dec 2017
threaded comments as they appear on this website

Despite the fact that I’m not really a front-end dev, getting threading to look decent was not the hardest part of this.

I’ve been wanting to set up Staticman on this site for a while. I took a swing at it a year or so ago, but either because I was less experienced with working with webapps and I was insisting on running up my own instance, or because it’s in Node and I’m a Ruby dev primarily, or because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I couldn’t get it to work. I ended up adding Disqus to the site, but since they just got bought and I have no idea who the new owners are, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up Staticman. There is an excellent post on Made Mistakes about this that I’ve cribbed a lot from, but there were a couple of gotchas I ran into that took me a while to solve.

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Retiring Disqus

13 Dec 2017

Turns out Disqus just got bought, and considering I know bothing about Zeta Global (sounds sinister though), and since I was already kind of on edge about Disqus’ privacy stuff, I’m killing the comments on this site.

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Using ES6 to rewrite old code

10 Dec 2017

About 3 years ago I took my first stab at creating this website. It was part of my work in General Assembly’s Front-end development course, which was one of my intros to development (the other being Harvard’s free intro comp-sci course, CS50, which I can’t recommend enough). The thing that I really wanted to have on here was search for posts, without any backend functionality. This meant JavaScipt, and man was it friggin’ ugly.

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Listening to Friends at the Table

30 Nov 2017

I’ve been listening to Friends at the Table a lot recently. It’s an actual play podcast run by a team of amazing people where they play different tabletop games. They have a focus on “critical world-building, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends” (to quote their strapline) and they do all three really, really well. I’ve just finished the first two ‘seasons’ of their show, and I’m super excited to pick up with the rest.

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Hacking Stars Without Number's faction game for the industrial revolution

27 Oct 2017
The cover of the Stars without Number book

This game is really thoughtfully designed, and I’m going to hack the shit out of it.

I’ve been struggling to juggle the many background criminal, political, and other mysterious factions I have in the roleplaying game I’m running, set in a very political industrializing republic. There’s a lot going on–the PCs are very much a small team in the face of everything happening, and I want the world to reflect that very strongly.

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Powered by the Apocalypse games

20 Oct 2017
Monsterhearts 2's teenage monsters staring out at the player

I am so excited to play this game.

I’ve recently discovered the Powered by the Apocalypse family of RPGs and they look great. It’s been a long time since I got this excited about finding new tabletop games.

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