What I did over vacation

So… because I posted so little here last year, when I was looking at the site again after publishing my last post, and I saw that I had written a “What I did over the holidays” post last year. I didn’t do much this year, but I figure, hey, why not.

TBH… I’m partly just writing this post so I can get back in the swing of regular blogging1.

Over the holidays I…

  • hacked some Ikea furniture so we can hang nice folding chairs from the bottom of our new shelves (this probably merits a post of its own cuz I’m pretty proud of the solution to limited floor space in our apartment)
  • read a few books (Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie - very good; Gundam: Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation by Tomino Yoshiyuki - …middling I’d say; Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Vol. 1 - exciting, and I’m looking forward to more)
  • recorded the first session for Mobile Suit Breakdown Plays, which I’m GMing for my really good friends
  • played some Scum and Villainy with friends over Roll20/Discord
  • did a bunch of good work on Against the Titans of War, which is a Forged in the Dark game I’m making where you play through a conflict very like the Gryps War of Zeta Gundam
  • hung out with my (amazing!) wife, whom I adore
  • had more work done on my tattoo (a full sleeve on my right arm with a sea otter, kelp, and some gorgeous gorgeous waves - pics when it’s done) by Jesse Rodriguez

For now, I think that’s it. It’s very possible I forgot something, but for now that’s good enough!

  1. It’s not a resolution, because I learned a long time ago I just won’t do those.