Retiring Disqus

Turns out Disqus just got bought, and considering I know bothing about Zeta Global (sounds sinister though), and since I was already kind of on edge about Disqus’ privacy stuff, I’m killing the comments on this site.

Credit to Philipp Hansch who saw this before me, and made the same move.

I’ve tried this before, but now I think I’m really going to pull the trigger on setting up Staticman for comments. It lives in GH issues, which is ace for me.

It’s also prompted me to get automated publishing happening here again–all I have to do now is push or merge to my production branch, and Codeship pushes everything to AWS now (which should make getting scheduled publishing back easier!)

For those who want to save their comments (like me, with my, like, 3 or 4 comments total), Disqus have an export guide. No idea how long that will be working though. Do it soon?



This post now has a bunch of dumb comments I made while I was working on setting up Staticman. I’ll probably update and move them over to an explainer post for the process in the future.