What I got done over the holidays

My larger chunks of time off tend to be the time when I also get a lot of self-admin and personal projects moved forward. This year was no exception.

This year, in no particular order (except where it’s obviously ordered), I:

  • upgraded my Confluence server to 6.6.0
  • thought seriously about abandoning Confluence for gollum
  • upgraded my Dokku server
  • broke my Dokku deployments
  • fixed my Dokku deplpyments
  • remembered how Linux services work…
  • set up Staticman for comments
  • wrote a blog post about setting up Staticman
  • set up my own Staticman server to run the comments
  • wrote a blog post about setting up my Staticman server
  • did some work on a feature addition for Speakerline (though not as much as I would have liked)
  • started using Mastodon instead of Twitter (though I’m still there cuz social world inertia)

I also spent a good chunk of time with family, which was aces. And listened to oooooodles of Friends at the Table. And finally started playing the Witcher 3. And loved the bajeezus out of Gorogoa.

So yea. Not a bad couple of weeks all said.