No gorram Nazis

16 Aug 2017

It turns out that the highest price of living expatriated from the country where I grew up is that the distance between me and my home prevents me from physically participating in the politics that matter right now.

This post is maybe NSFW.

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co(p|d)ing with depression

10 Aug 2017

I struggle with depression, and I’m aways looking for ways to help myself get through things. One thing that I’ve found works for me is burying myself in code–it provides enough structure, momentum, and a positive feedback loop that it can help me get out, and it’s good that it’s something that I can pick up and do even when I’m at my worst.

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How I cope with my depression

09 Aug 2017

I get depressed sometimes. I’m not talking the colloquial depression where you feel a little mopey though. I get clinical depression, that has in the past required the support of a therapist to work through.

I don’t see a therapist anymore though (but I would if I thought I needed to again), and I’ve developed some coping mechanisms that help keep me on track and navigate rising tides of depression until they go out again.

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Regular posts moving to Wednesdays

04 Aug 2017
while false

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Cricket for a casual baseball fan

28 Jul 2017

My father in law recently took me to my first cricket match: Australia vs England in the qualifying rounds of the Women’s Cricket World Cup. It was absolutely fantastic!

(This post is going to be pretty boring if you don’t like either baseball or cricket, FYI.)

Before I went, I was thinking of cricket as a weird hybrid of baseball and (10-pin) bowling: you have a batter, but rather than just hitting runs, their job is to stop the pitcher from knocking over some sticks set up just behind them. I can report that this is mostly inaccurate.

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Creating a series of posts in Jekyll

21 Jul 2017

This post is a bit similar to last week’s because it describes a solution I came up with for an issue in writing my automated deployment to Dokku series (link to first post): how to programmatically link to other posts in a series without having to manually write markdown links.

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Scheduling posts with Jekyll and Github Pages

14 Jul 2017

For a while I’ve been looking for a way to schedule posts for this blog, which is being hosted on Github Pages. Because Jekyll is a static site generator and not a full CMS, there isn’t an inbuilt way to do it. I had found a post about using Zapier to merge in feature-branches for every new post to get this working, but when I was looking at it, it didn’t really appeal, in large part because it requires giving full access to your repo to Zapier.

When I started putting together the automated dokku test and deployment series (link to first post), it got to the point where I needed scheduling, because I was writing the posts on vacation all at once, but didn’t want them to go live all at the same time. So I ended up hacking together a quick and dirty fix with a VPS running a cronjob.

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Utilitarianism self-cannibalizes and falls over after it's eaten its legs

07 Jul 2017

I’ve been reading a fair bit of Coraline Ehmke’s writing in the last couple of days after her post about her year at Github went viral. Which lead me to her post on Model View Culture, The Dehumanizing Myth of Meritocracy. I haven’t thought about Utilitarianism in a long time, but I have for that time considered myself one, passively at least. The article has made me reconsider that.

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How I am doing the 4th of July

04 Jul 2017

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I might be celebrating today. A lot has changed since the last 4th of July.

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Url Grey v 0.3.0 release notes

01 Jul 2017

This release implements tracking changes to short URLS with paper_trail.

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