Url Grey v 0.3.0 release notes

01 Jul 2017

This release implements tracking changes to short URLS with paper_trail.

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Dokku: Backing up apps on Dokku

30 Jun 2017

Previously in the series, I’ve focused on setting up and using Dokku. This post is less Dokku focused, and more on making sure that you keep all the precious data you generate and collect with the apps on it safe.

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Dokku: Automated deployment to Dokku

23 Jun 2017

In the first two posts of the series, I looked at setting up Dokku and setting up automated builds and testing with Codeship, Code Climate, and Hakiri. This one ties those two together and covers the process I’m using for automated deployments with Dokku and Codeship (and the gotchas I hit along the way).

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Url Grey v 0.2.0 release notes

18 Jun 2017

This release implements basic tracking of short URL usage. It tracks the following data:

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Url Grey v 0.1.3 release notes

16 Jun 2017

This release protects the application’s domain from being redirected to by the app to avoid possible infinite loops or inaccessible application routes.

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Dokku: Automated Builds and Testing

16 Jun 2017

Last time in the Dokku series I went through how I set up Dokku on a VPS. This one is going to be about setting up Codeship, Code Climate and Hakiri (Ruby only, though the principles should be pretty similar for other languages/frameworks) to automate builds and testing. Should be a bit shorter, because there were fewer gotchas in this than in setting up Dokku (not that there were many there!)

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Url Grey v 0.1.2 release notes

10 Jun 2017

This release introduces the ability to use randomly generated slugs for Short URLs.

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Dokku: Setting up Dokku

09 Jun 2017

Heya. I posted last week about building Url Grey, my URL shortener, a process which lead me to discovering and setting up some new tools. Specifically, Dokku, Codeship for Continuous integration and delivery, and Code Climate and Hakiri for code security, style, and test coverage reporting. I’ve decided to write the whole process up more completely, in part for myself, and in part because there a few hiccoughs I ran into that didn’t have answers (or readily apparent answers–it took me some hunting and piecing together of things) online.

This will be part of a series (hello slug up above!), starting with setting up Dokku, and moving on through the process of linking all the pieces together to get a continuous deployment setup.

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I learned how to surf!

07 Jun 2017

My wife and I went down to Cornwall for our anniversary this last week, and we decided to take surfing lessons. It’s a little embarassing that I’m now 29 and grew up in Southern California, pretty much in Huntington Beach, and have never surfed in my life. My English wife from Gloucestershire (think countryside) had actually surfed before me. So we decided to learn how to surf on our anniversary.

Picard laughs at Sean for never having surfed

Even my captain laughs at me for this.

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JSON feed now enabled for Flying Grizzly

01 Jun 2017

Super quick one–I just jumped on the JSON feed bandwagon, so you can now get all the stuff here at flyinggrizzly.io/feed.json. I’m not using it yet, but it took me less than a minute to set up (merging the PRs took longer than the actual work, which mirrors the reports from just about everyone else, including the guy whose code I aped–thanks dude!).

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