Importing save and system data from Trails of Cold Steel III and IV, and Zero and Ao, into Trails into Reverie on Steam Deck

I love my Steam Deck. I also love that it’s a full-on Linux computer. I also love the Trails series, and I’ve been playing them for ages. They usually include new-game bonuses if they can detect save or system data from the prior games in the series. But this detection relies on Windows’ “Saved Games” folder structure, which is emulated, but per-game in Proton/Steam Deck. Here’s how to get Trails into Reverie to detect your save data from the other games.

Quick note–this guide uses Reverie as an example, but some version of this should work for all Falcom games, and probably lots of others too.


  • have the other games installed
    • Trails from Zero
    • Trails to Azure
    • Trails of Cold Steel III
    • Trails of Cold Steel IV
  • have Reverie installed, and booted once


Steam/Proton install these Windows games into their own isolated virtual Windows filesystems. What we need to do is copy the save and data folders from each game’s own virtual space into the Reverie virtual space.

It’s useful to know the Steam IDs for each game. You can find these on the store page. Ex: Azure is at, where that number between /app/ and /The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_to_Azure is the ID. Grab these for each game.

All of these folders are at /users/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/GAME_ID/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Saved Games/Falcom

If you created a different user than the default for a Steam Deck, I assume you know what you’re doing, but just in case replace the /users/deck with /users/YOUR_USERNAME.

Once you’re in the /drive_c folder, things should start to look like a Windows filesystem.

Inside the /Falcom directory, you’ll find the subfolder for the specific game. Falcom names these kinda oddly unless you know the production history of the games. For example, CS4 is Falcom/ed8_psv4. ed stands for “Eiyuu Densetsu”, or “Legend of Heroes in Japanese”, and the 8 is because the Cold Steel series as a whole is the 8th entry in ED. Not important, but curious.


  1. Boot to the Desktop view on your Steam Deck. This is a lot easier if you connect a keyboard and mouse too
  2. Open a fileviewer, and find the Reverie data folder, at the filepath above, interpolating the right game ID. It should already have a Falcom/ed8_psv5 folder for Reverie, which I guess is still part of the Cold Steel series
  3. For each of Zero, Azure, CS3, and CS4, copy the save folder from their specific folder into the Reverie folder.

Now go back into handheld mode, boot up Reverie, and you should be able to get all the bonuses for Zero, Azure, CS3 and CS4. I’ve found that if I didn’t get the import bonuses for Zero/Ao, the game wasn’t offering me the option to check for CS3+4 data.

Bonuses in Reverie

OK so this is obvi specific to Reverie, but the bonsues I got were:

Game Condition Bonus
Zero Have data All Sepith x200
Ao Have data Sepith Mass x600
Zero + Ao Have data for both games Liberator’s Testament accessory (All stats boost + CP rate up)
Zeram Capsule x1
Cold Steel III Have data U-Material x50
Cold Steel IV Have data Shining Pom Incense x1
Cold Steel III + IV Have data for both games Hero’s Testament (All stats boost + CP rate up)
Zeram Capsule x1
Cold Steel IV Have clear data Brave Soul x1
Cold Steel IV Thors Unity at max or max - 1 Spirit Incense x2
Dragon Incense x1 (only for max, “Unbreakable”)
Cold Steel IV Instructor Rank A (max - 1) Crimson Medal (All stats boost + stat debuffs nullified)
Cold Steel IV Instructor Rank A0/S (max) Lionheart’s Grand Cordon (All stats big boost + stat debuffs nullified)