Actions and Attributes

Actions and Attributes define the things your kid is good at… and where they’ll need some help from friends.

Mind Body Heart
Invent Scrap Share
Research Scramble Dream
Talk Sneak Tantrum
Reasoned* Embodied* Compassionate*

* denotes a special adjective gained by taking maturities. There is only one dot for these. They add a die to resistance rolls in their attribute, and can also grant a bonus die whenever it would make sense for the action being performed.


Resist consequences from understanding or people tricking you.


When you invent something, you use your wits, imagination, and resources, to make something new. It might be a modification to your wrist-rocket, or an elaborate alarm and security system for your secret hideout, or a secret way of sending messages to your friends, bedroom to bedroom. You might also invent a new world for your gang to adventure through, though dream might be better.


When you spend time at the library, on the net, or bugging some adult who’s an expert, you research something important. You might find out the secret history of your hometown, that Aliens are secretly hiding just past the train tracks, or that important piece of info you needed to finish an invention. You might also do some research by peering through the baddies’ windows, though sneak might be better.


When you talk to someone, you use reason, logic, or maybe appeal to their weaknesses or prejudices. You might get your parents to let you stay over at a friend’s house for late-night planning, or get your friends to realize that your plan is awesome, or Mrs. Greenblatt that your gang needs to cut across her fields because it’s really important. You might also talk to convince someone to help you make your dreams real, though share might be better.


You are getting a little bit wiser. Maybe you’re not so quick to jump to conclusions, or you have a greater wealth of knowledge after years of reading, or you are getting good at recognizing patterns. Whatever it is for you, you get an extra die on Mind resistance rolls, and you can add a bonus die to actions where your cool-headedness is a benefit. This can be for rolls in any attribute, not just Mind.


Resist consequences from physical activity.


When you scrap with someone or something, you use your strength, nimbleness, and canny to hold your own in a tussle. It might be a showdown in the parking lot after school, or getting the drop on some thing. You might even scrap to break through that fence over there, though invent might be better.





Resist consequences from social or emotional strain.